Drillium | CNC routing a pattern into a table top. 


Lean Shelf | Flat pack shelving made from Europly. CNC routed to minimize waste and assembled without any additional tools or fasteners. 


Stool No. 5.3 | CNC routed stool that allows for gentle rocking motion. Intended to allow the user to remain active while sitting at a work table. 


Flat-pack-n-snap | Demonstration of how the pieces of a stool and changing table fit together. 

stack final.jpg

Equilibrium Chair / Table | Finalist project in the LG Beyond Student Design Challenge 2008. Pair of rocking chairs that can double as a coffee table. A non transparent version of this chair was fabricated in New England out of LG Solid Surface material, and displayed at Greenbuild Phoenix. 

eq content be multi 4.jpg