TMN Creative Logo | Evolving pixelated logo type for TMNC.


Where is Tacoma | Print of a fantastical version of the downtown and port areas. A version of this design has been printed on 5 Traffic Control Box wraps around the city. Commisioned by the City of Tacoma. Collaboration with April Norris. 

houses stack-01 copy.jpg

Houses of Tacoma | Drawing series of the different house styles around Tacoma, WA. Commissioned drawings included early 1900 Craftsman, Foursquare, Tudor, Dutch Colonial, and Colonial Revival houses. 

abc washington framed.jpg

ABC Washington | Print design with city maps of Washington cities A-Z. 

pnw topo framed 6.jpg

Pacific Northwest Mountains | Prints from a larger series of topographical mountains around the US.

3 House | Iterations of live, work, and play. 

diagrams food ms-01.png

Food Museum | Diagrams for a second year studio project at ASU.